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As part of your membership benefits, we urge you to take advantage of this free service for all our members.

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Your annual physical exam serves as a BASELINE and roadmap to your health status and will serve us to monitor any medical issues that will require monitoring throughout the year.

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We have included new features to better improve and serve our members with exciting ways to keep and maintain you in OPTIMUM HEALTH.

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Your Health, always in good hands...

Complete laboratory testing,
specific for age and gender.

Other pertinent exams including: chest xrays, ekg, bone density (Dexa) mammography, according to age and sex.

Referral for complete cardiovascular
when needed.

Recommendations for dental health, referral to our local network of Harvard trained dentists when necessary.

Vaccine Assessment
Diferent vaccines are recommended acording to age group, lifelstyle and travel history.

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Your annual physical exam will also include:

  • A Mini-Mental exam to test for early signs of memory loss. This screening test is especially necessary where there is family history of Alzheimer dementia.
  • Recognizing the importance of mental and emotional health, our annual physical will include time to discuss current emotional issues, and may include referrals to expert counseling with local well renowned experts in the areas of depression, and Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.
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