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“Visiting MD Concierge during office hours can mean only
a few minutes away from your desk, rather than half a day away from work.”

Corporate health management programs are fast becoming recognized as a valuable and important source
for busy executives and their healthcare necessities. Executives lead busy and stressful lives and often can't
find the time for regular check-ups, or they put it on the back burner thinking that running their companies
or organizations take priority. >
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Wellnes services designed to to keep busy executives healthy and productive at work.

Our Services

MD Concierge services are designed to avoid days off to see the doctor or waiting for appointments.

Our Services

Our signature Annual Physical Exam… a baseline and roadmap to your health status.

Mind, Body & Soul

A program designed with exciting ways to keep and maintain you in Optimum Health.

Mind, Body & Soul

Our Membership Program is developed to facilitate prompt and efficient medical attention.


We offer individual memberships, family memberships and corporate accounts.

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Why Choose Us?

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Location, location, location. We are situated in the heart of Condado, at one of the most prestigious and sought after addresses in San Juan, next to the Ashford Presbyterian Hospital.
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Our location grants you immediate access to on- site laboratory facilities, X Rays, CT scan and MRI facilities. Our building hosts top rated, board certified physicians, many of which are part of our network.
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The Ashford Infusion Center is next door to our offices, making intravenous fluids (IV) administration faster, better, and more efficient than the Emergency Room. Services include IV administration of Vitamins, especially High Dose Vitamin C, for medically qualified members.
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Unlimited home delivery of medications as many times as you may need at no additional cost. Deductibles will be covered by your medical insurance plan.
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We handle individual member medical requests in a prompt, courteous and efficient manner. We are literally one text away from responding to your personalized medical needs.
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MD Concierge Puerto Rico offer free valet service to all our Concierge Members, so visiting our offices is now a breeze.
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Our membership is limited, private, and boutique style. While others are focused on mass memberships, we are streamlining our services to keep everything simple and manageable.
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We contact our patients individually on a monthly basis making sure they are in good health, reminding them of pending appointments and offering medical recommendations based on each patient’s specific medical history. If we don’t hear from you, you will certainly hear from us ;).
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