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Increasingly, corporate clients are choosing to offer private doctor services as part of a suite of wellness services to keep their busy executives healthy and productive at work. This aids to avoid days off to see the doctor or waiting for appointments with resultant delays in recovery from illnesses. By instituting primary care services into your company, we help your staff see a doctor more rapidly and effortlessly.

MD Concierge PR is a Membership Program developed to facilitate prompt and efficient medical attention in the San Juan Metro area and beyond.

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Extended office hours
and on time appointments

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House calls (Home, Office, Hotels, etc.)

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Annual health checkups

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On-site administration of prescribed
intramuscular or intravenous medications

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Treatment of acute illnesses, e.g., colds, flu, infections

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Ongoing medical care, e.g., high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes

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Lifestyle advise, e.g. diet, exercise,
smoking and alcohol

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Health screening:

• Blood glucose
• Blood pressure
• Body mass index (BMI)
• Cholesterol testing (Total, LDL, HDL and ratio)

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Confidential sexually transmitted disease testing, treatment and counseling

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Drug testing

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Heart disease risk

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Weight management

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Travel advice and referral
for vaccinations

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On-Site Clinics with the Experts
Referral system to top specialists with VIP appointment service