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Corporate health management programs are fast becoming recognized as a valuable and important source for busy executives and their healthcare necessities. Executives lead busy and stressful lives and often can't find the time for regular check-ups, or they put it on the back burner thinking that running their companies or organizations take priority. When an executive feels ill, usually they will wait until the situation worsens before they seek adequate medical attention.

Medical Concierge PR understands these time constraints and provides the care needed in the most convenient, efficient manner. Medical Concierge PR creates a customized program that fits the executive's schedule. Special attention is given to risk factors that often come with stressful lives including elevated cholesterol, excessive weight and tobacco use. 

Each patient receives personalized, one-on-one care that includes a detailed medical history and examination, testing and preventing screenings, a review of results and recommendations for improving overall health and preventing potential health problems.

As an added convenience for the busy executive, Medical Concierge PR can perform many services on-site including testing, health monitoring and vaccinations along with easy access to a physician or senior staff member either in person, online or by telephone.

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Since 2006, Doctors On Call, MD Concierge’s parent company, has worked with the general public, especially seniors, tourists and business executives, offering general and preventative healthcare for all ages in the Condado area and surrounding cities.

We respect our patients' time by delivering timely appointments and making house and office visits, saving them valuable time. We believe in building personalized relationships with our patients, so we offer longer visits so they can have more quality time with our medical staff. We even assist our patients in making appointments with our network of specialists and dedicated healthcare services.

Doctors On Call currently serves over 1,700 customers in the Metropolitan area. We are also an SBA certified corporation with a DUNS number and cage code, which has allowed us to support companies in the private and federal sectors.

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The company’s mission is to promote the health and well-being of our patients by providing accessible, high-quality medical care using modern technology, including EHR, e-prescribing and telemedicine.

Medical Concierge PR is committed to providing services that
exceed the expectations of our patients, resulting in a successful
and valuable relationship.

More Information:
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